It all started with a wedding... our wedding

Updated: Apr 20, 2018

Planning a wedding is no joke!

We got married September 30th, 2017 at the Chapel of Our Saviour in Colorado Springs. GORGEOUS VENUE for you DIY'ers who want an affordable outdoor wedding venue in the Springs. I learned a lot from that day and I shall now present to you some words of wisdom. Get an event planner or at least hire people to set your stuff. We only had a 2 hour time slot to set-up before the ceremony and my poor family and friends were a sweaty mess rushing to get ready. Remember the scene from My Big Fat Greek Wedding where everyone is in a chaotic mess before the ceremony... yeah, that was pretty much us. I felt SO BAD!

I kid you not, we were still working on constructing our bar the morning of our wedding but that's how badly we wanted to have a mobile bar. All the sacrifice was worth it though because it was a huge hit with the guests. It was nice to just pull up and have the bartender take care of the rest. Our wedding was beautiful and everything but if you plan to DIY most of your wedding (like us) you need to learn from my mistakes. I don't want anyone to go through what we did for our event. Make it EASY!!!!!!!!! Budget that little extra to make it stress-free! Find a venue where you have more than just 2 hours to set up or pay extra for additional hours if you're setting up a lot of stuff.

After the wedding, we could breathe again! We focused on the inside look of the trailer. My husband watched a lot of you-tube and put his skills to the test every weekend. Except for winter time because we constructed outside and it was too dang cold to do anything. I am super proud of what he has done with The Trough Mobile Bar. It's such a new concept here in Colorado Springs but we're confident that we're adding something special to our community.

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